My name is Sarah, and I’m a 23-year-old Bristol grad who’s currently travelling in South America over 10 weeks. My travels will traverse Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. Later this year, I’ll also be going to South East Asia. Follow me here to see what I’m up to and my take on the places I visit!

I graduated in French and Philosophy in the summer and since then have interned in digital marketing and community management. I love to travel in order to discover new cultures, and I enjoy learning languages. I lived in Toulouse for a year in 2014/15 and recently spent 6 months in Málaga. During these periods I was able to use my weekends discovering more about France, Spain and beyond. My favourite weekend trip that I’ve done was to Northern Morocco, and my favourite European city that I’ve visited so far is Kraków in Poland. I hope to post about these experiences in the future, too!

To find out more about my gap year as a whole, read my introductory post.

To see more about my current route in South America, check out my travel schedule!