Rio: Milestones Achieved Today

Well, I can’t believe it but I’m writing this from Rio de Janeiro, my last destination in South America, on my last night of the trip. So many emotions but let’s save that for another post! So much to say about Rio too but let’s also save that for the very near future πŸ˜‰.

For now, I just had to share this photo from today and the ‘milestones’ that come with it:


βœ… Milestones achieved today: βœ…

1. Hiked through jungle and scaled rocks to the top of Two Brothers mountain, the only viewpoint in Rio where you can see both Christ the Redeemer (hidden by clouds here) and Sugar Loaf Mountain 🌴

2. After avoiding them my whole life, took my first ever motorbike ride, on a moto-taxi through a favela (!!) to get to the starting point (sorry Mum and Dad).

3. In doing so, also saw some favela life up close and learnt that while of course it’s good to exercise caution, these notorious motley neighbourhoods can be full of the very kind of life and soul that defines a city like Rio de Janeiro. Also learnt just how tight I can grip a moto-taxi driver’s shoulders!

4. Once at the top of the hike, overcame another fear, of heights this time, and scooted on my bum right to the edge of the sheer drop viewpoint to see the view for real. And snapped this photo!

5. My last full day and my last hike in South America (on this trip, because oh I will be back for more!). Am I sad? Yes! But what a fitting ending it seems, and if I may say so (which I will, as it’s my blog after all)… maybe today shows how far I have come since stepping off the plane in Lima with my rucksack nervously clutched to my chest, back at the end of March.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Beautiful view! It sounds like you got a lot accomplished πŸ™‚


  2. Wow what an amazing end to your trip, looking forward to hearing all about Rio πŸ™‚


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