Iguassu Falls – Natural Wonder of the World

Good morning from Brazil everyone!

I know it’s been a while since I wrote here but I hope you’ll be happy to know it’s because I’ve been having an absolute blast on the third and final section of my trip, a G Adventures tour from Buenos Aires to Rio. Since I wrote about Buenos Aires I have visited 3 parts of Uruguay, the incredible Iguassu Falls, and fallen in love with bright and tropical Southern Brazil. It’s been go go go right from the start so I’ve had barely a spare minute! The good news is that I’ll have lots and lots to write about when I get back (this Monday! Can’t believe it!).

For the meantime I can at the very least share with you some photos and impressions from Iguassu, so here goes!

The Falls were beyond anything I ever imagined. Rainbows, jungle, over 6.5 million litres of water tumbling down every second, stretched out as far as the eye can see! Straddling 3 international borders, one of the 7 natural wonders of the world and the second ‘world wonder’ I’ve ticked off on this trip. Not bad 🌈

As the largest waterfall system in the world, there are a million different angles to enjoy Iguassu Falls, and we were very lucky with G Adventures to be able to easily visit both the Argentinean and Brazilian sides.

It’s a tough call but I have to say the Brazilian side narrowly steals the trophy for the best in my book. Mostly, because the Brazilian park is huge! You have a little train connecting parts and plenty of walking routes too. While there, we saw so many different falls at various angles and viewpoints from that side, and best of all took a speedboat ride right underneath some of them. Literally, we went under the spray and got completely drenched. We even took an open-air jeep through the jungle to get to the boat which in itself was an exciting experience for me, since I have largely missed out on the jungles and rainforests of South America on this particular trip.

Meanwhile, the Argentinean side of the falls offers a long walkway including a section where you can walk out to the middle to get a fantastic view (and more wet of course). Just outside of the falls park some of us also visited a bird sanctuary where we saw all sort of exotic native species, again very nice for me to sort of fill in that particular tropical gap in my itinerary.

Crazily, as it is autumn here the Falls technically aren’t even at their best since they are slightly discoloured from rainfall higher up… I certainly didn’t feel short-changed though! I’ll leave some photos here but safe to say (cliché though it is) it’s impossible to capture the magnificance of the whole thing – time to book a flight to Foz do Iguaçu and see for yourself if you really want to get to know them. 😉


IMG_2098 IMG_2125






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