Santiago – Mendoza: The most beautiful border crossing in the world?

Around 10 days ago I crossed into Argentina from Chile. My friend Pauline and I had both been told the scenery on the route from Santiago to Mendoza (our first stop in Argentina, aka wine country!) is breathtaking, so we booked in advance and secured top deck front row seats! As you can see, this paid off and the views were incredible. No filter on any of these photos, I might add!!

Some say this is the most beautiful border crossing route in the world. I’ve crossed quite a few borders this year and must say this is the nicest I’ve seen. But I’ve got a lot of borders to go yet before I can objectively crown it the best! Has anyone crossed any particularly stunning borders? I’d love to know where!



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  1. The blue skies are just amazing. You’re so clever booking to get the front seat, it is something I would never even think of!


    1. sarahdadd says:

      Thanks so much, it was a good idea wasn’t it? Worth prebooking for those blue skies!!

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